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Just enter your child s weight height aka length and head circumference and we ll calculate a percentile for each. Helps you determine the weight age percentile of your baby.

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Get helpful tips for each week of your pregnancy and your baby s first years.

Newborn height weight chart. China 0 6 years weight length china 0 3 years weight height china 3 18 years preterm infant growth charts. That s a number reflecting what percentage of kids is larger or smaller. Where to go next.

Weight age 23 41 gestational weeks length age 23 41 gestational weeks. Get results based on world health organization data. Average baby weight and length chart by month in the united states the average baby weighs.

Our growth percentile calculator reveals how your child s size compares with other boys or girls the same age. Find your baby s length in inches or centimeters on the left side of the grid and find your child s age in months at the bottom of the chart. For example if a baby s.

The chart indicates what percentile the baby s weight falls into. This baby is in the 90th percentile meaning 90 percent of baby boys this length weigh less and 10 percent of baby boys weigh more. The clinical growth charts for infant length for age and infant weight for age were revised to improve the appearance of the scale for inches on the length charts by extending the indicators at inch increments and enhancing alignment of the english with the metric scales on both the length and weight scales.

Easy to use infant growth chart calculator.

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